Sunday, February 5, 2012

DIY - personalising some Opinels for the kids

februari 2011

I had been looking for some folding knives for my son and oldest daughter. These knives had to had locking blades, because I myself had had some unpleasant experiences with blades snapping shut when used.

Someone handed me an Opinelknife so I could have a look at it and I liked it a lot!
Wooden handle, simple locking mechanisme and small enough to fit in a child's hand; the Opinel No.6.
I ordered some and when they came in I saw they had a kind of orangie colour, which I didn't like. So I tried to sand that colour off, but it didn't quite work out the way I wanted it too. I guess it is soaked in oil or something similar. I could have spare me the trouble, because the owners-to-be actually did like it that way!

I burned their names into the handle...

... and added a pawprint of their favorite wild animal.

A knife like this needs a sheath to and these were fashioned in colours chosen by each one of them.

As a finishing touch I added a leather string, so they can wear them as neckknives, too.

The strings can be tucked aweay in the bottom of the sheath, when used as a belt knife.

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  1. Well done! Really nice knives for the kids. I love Opinel knives as well. I use a No. 8 as my EDC knife.