Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY - making a beefy bedroll

yes, I've been at it again.
This time I wanted to make a bedroll, that should be useable in the season to come, here.

For now it is made up out of a canvas post WW2 US sleepingbagcover, 2 ex-MvO woll blankets (MvO=Ministerie van Oorlog, wardepartment 1958) and my previously made flanel innerbag.
I actually thought of making my own canvas bedroll out of a shelterhalf, but this will do just fine, I think.

The blankets close by folding over one another in a rooftilemanor, thus eliminating the cold getting in (I hope)
They kept opening up, when getting into the bedroll, so I added some stringties (if that is what they're called). These were salvaged from a deceased coat, unfortunately not natural material, but sometines you just have to make due...
I opted for this solution, because
a) It is what I had at hand
b) They do not conduct cold in and warmth out
c) They can be handled with cold or stiff fingers
d) Snapbuttons could freeze up or clog up with dirt

The blankets have a white manufacturerslabel and I kept this in the same spot on both blankets, so I know which way is up and out in the dark. Might come in handy, when darkness sets in at 15:00 PM

I had good company when sewing;

A major drawback is the plentyfull (un)buttoning involved; snapbuttons on the flanel innerbag, 2x2 stringties and snapbuttons and/or drawstring on the outershell.

One blanket and the flanel innerbag go over the shoulders and there are plenty of layers of wool around the feet, due to the folding there. This, after all, is a place on the body that tends to be quite cold, anyway.

Boah... very warm.... and the final cover hasn't been added, yet..

The final product;

Totale weight without me in kilograms;

What remains to be done;
Adding a piece of cord through the eyelets of the coverbag, so I can close it up properly
Re waterproof the canvasbag, using a beeswax/parafinmixture
Add straps to tie up the bedroll

The bedroll is comfortable snug, but still roomy. There is room left to put away clothing, a waterbottle and/or a camera...
I will be using it on top of a sprucebough matress under a cover.

What do you think?

Small p.s.;
I was in the bedroll for less than 5 minutes, in boxers and t-shirt and was uncomfortably warm.

This setup has another big +; I can change it according to weatherconditions. In the summer I could make due with just the outer cover and innerbag, for instance.

The blankets can still be used as such, by simple getting them out and unbuttoning them.  

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