Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY - leather possibles beltpouch

April 2011

My latest project is making a possibles pouch to go with my machetescabbard.

The basic idea behind it, is to make it a simple one, which could be made in the field too.
The basic shape is a single piece of leather, held together by 2 leather strings and with 2 beltloops, which could be sewn on with sinew for instance.
In this case I opted to use the same brass fittings, so it will match the machetescabbard.

The front;

 As said, it is a single, rectangulair piece of leather with punctured sides. Bij pushing these inwards and fastening them with the leather strings, you create the shape and thinkness of the pouch.
I went for a round shaped flap and I added a second piece of leather on the inside. This gives the flap more strength, so I can use the same knob as with the machete. The flap is a lot thinner, so more easily torn. I also made a cuttingerror and this extra piece helps fix that, too.
This is how I fasten the straps. Later on I will dampen the leather and tighten the straps and, onze dried, it will be very tight. It already was this way, because I needed some pliers to loosen the straps again!


I think I attached the brass rivets too low, so the pouch may hang to much forward, when suspended from a belt.

What needs to be done;
- close up the other side
- add the brass knob and counterhole to close and fasten the flap
- give the cuttingerrors some stitching
- finish the pouch up (rounding the flap and beltloopends)

The work so far cost me about 2,5 hours.    

Afterwards I added a third rivet to the top of the beltstraps to prevent them from toppling over.... and apart from the corrective stitching and the brass fittings this is an all leather pouch, which could easily be made in the field to, by exchanging the brass for leatherstraps.


  1. Looks good, man. Very nice belt pouch. I should make more things like these. :)


  2. Thanks Matt,
    I think that pretty soon I'll have a belt finished from which to hang this pouch. It's about time I started using it..