Monday, February 6, 2012

DIY - Converting a French gasmaskbag to a small child's backpack

April 2011

These are hectic and stressfull times for me and my family, getting ready to move to Sweden in august!
Running around in the woods is not an option at the moment, but there are always some spare moments in a day to get creative..... and there'll be plenty of woodstime to come.... I hope.

One thing my youngest needs is a backpack and through the gift-it-on-thread on the British buchcraft forum I got a canvas French gasmaskbag. Too small to use as a daypack or EDC-pack for an adult, but an excellent for an infant's back.
The pictures explain themselves. I took af the woven carryingstrap and velcro fastenings and added leather carryingstraps and dito fastenings. The stitching was a b*tch, though!!


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