Sunday, January 29, 2012

An introduction....

Why this blog??

Well, this is an excellent way of keeping track of where I came from, what I did, what I learned, experienced, thought, felt..... and it is a great way of sharing that with others, who might give me feedback on it, so there's a mutual learning, too.

It all started when I was a young boy in the late '70's to early '80's. There was a group of us, running around in old woolen Dutch army military surplus gear, acting as soldiers, but more and more starting to build shelters and fires, using small pocketknives and watching birds and small wildlife. We gathered food from the fields and cooked them, picked berries and even had our "own" small spring with chrystal clear water. We were always outside; summer and winter, rain, sun or snow... It didn't matter and I can still remember the names of my friends, the feeling of those itchy uniforms and my first pocket kniefe...
Than came the teens and all of this was exchanged for an interest in all sorts of motorised transportation, girls, hardrock, intoxicating beverages and other bad habits. (Gave up smoking years ago, thank God). Ahh, those glorious rebellious years.... A feature that never quite left, I might add... By the time I started to become a young adult I was drafted and served in the infantry. I was reintroduced to the outdoors again. How I enjoyed the training, the obstaclecourse and the fieldexercises, putting up tents, living and eating in the outdoors and enjoyed that even more as the temperatures were low. (I very much dislike high temperatures) I managed to loose a few pounds and become fit again! After my drafttime I signed up for more, but that turned out to be a disappointment. After the vigorous advanced basics I left, because I could not comply with the changing politics of those days. The Cold War was definitively over, the Iron Curtain was gone and I did not sign up to be deployed anywhere some politician saw fit...
After that I got caught up in being mature... or at least tried to be... and "make something" of my life and career. I could never hold a job for more than a few years; I was to restless. The concept of money was alien to me, as was advancing up the social ladder or imposed authority. Also, by growing older, I started to become less and less happy with my life, the things I was supposed to do and be, the way society was organised. I started to strongly dislike the classes within society, the emphasis on personal gain and status and all that was related to that. The career I had chosen, as a policeofficer, did not help. Far from, actually... By than I had become a father, forcing me into this social straight jacket even more. I could not live with myself anymore, or with others for that matter, resulting in a divorce, a total mental meltdown and a financial collapse on top of that....
I had to be reborn and reinvent myself and my way of life.
Within the previous years, however, I had developed a huge love of plants, trees in particular and I had become a passionate gardener. I prefered the company of plants over humans at any time and I was out in the open as much as possible. I didn't realise it than, but the plants I loved the most were forrest plants.... We also travelled. First by motorcycle and we joined a club. There were several organised trips each year and the primitive camping and outdoorliving were such a relief! We also travelled across Europe, seeing all the countries in Western and Northern Europe. But our first holiday was to Sweden, in '97. The first day there was a major shock and eyeopener.... For the first time in my life I felt like I belonged.... I truely felt I had come home!! This feeling never made itself present anywhere, befor or after, except when I returned here. On one of our visits to this country this feeling became even stronger. That was in the province of Dalarna..... which is were we live now....


  1. Well Ron, it sounds like you have had an interesting life so far. :) I am really looking forward to reading your blog!

  2. Just found your blog and read this great introduction! You got one more reader, man!

    - Finnman

  3. Welcome guys!

    I hope you enjoy my writings and rumblings.....
    I'm trying to catch up since I begun, so I can start to post the more recent stuff, too.
    I like to keep things chronological... hence the great number of posts these days.